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Top Scuba Destinations

Whether you have been diving for years or just beginning to love the quiet splendor of diving, consider visiting any or all of these top diving spots.

Mexico has a beautiful island called Cozumel which is a paradise for divers. Beneath the water on a clear day, visibility is 200 feet. You have a choice of 19 reefs, including fresh water caves with easy access and gentle currents. The marine life is dramatic and colorful.

The South Pacific has the Fiji Islands which is more than beautiful beaches. Revel in the underwater magnificence where you can go up close to soft coral, the Great White Wall and the Yellow Tunnel. The Cayman Islands offers about 150 visibility and amazing tropical sea creatures with shallow reefs surrounded by a 12,000 ft. abyss.

Florida is proud to claim home to giant turtles, sharks, dolphins, manatees, rays and yes, even tropical fish. The Belize Barrier Reef is stunning with one of the most preserved ecosystems because it’s relatively unknown. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia has always been on top of any diver’s list because of its incredible corals.

Between Southeast Asia and New Zealand is Vanuata, also in Australia.Dive through coral mazes, tunnels, lava towers, caves, historical wrecks, and grottoes. Or, you could visit Grand Turk which is along the fabulous Bahamas. It’s the perfect dive spot for adventurous divers with sponge-covered walls 30 feet wide and 7,000 feet deep.

Hawaii has always been known  for its fantastic marine life with giant stingrays and whales living close to an area dotted by volcanoes. This is the usual tourist destination so expect to bump into fellow divers as soon as you land.

Exotic Thailand has Koh Tao island with friendly hospitality and English-speaking locals. This island is a popular spot for divers who come from all over the world to get up close and personal with the Grey Reef Sharks and hopefully catch a glimpse of the shy Whalesharks. This is probably one of the very few places where shark hunting is offered as a tourist sport.